ARDO calypso pumpARDO Calypso breast pump



These Children’s centres in Plymouth hire these pumps out on a 4 week hire schedule.

These centres are;

Green Ark (01752) 565555

Manor Street (01752) 253364

Rees Centre Plympton (01752) 283826

Nomony (01752) 667869

Four Woods children’s centre (01752) 366795

Four Woods pumps were kindly funded by the North Yard Community Trust

Morice Town  (01752) 208660

Lark & Popin  (01752) 313293



Information on the pumps is here ARDO Calypso double breast pump

and breast pumps may be hired direct from ARDO either by calling 01823 336 362 or online at ARDO Breast Pump Hire