Great Expectations

Finding out that you are pregnant can be an exciting but emotional time for you and your partner/supporter.

Great Expectations is a four week antenatal programme that takes you through your preganacy as a journey…

The programme supports you as parents in making healthy lifestyle choices during pregnancy and for your baby; how enjoyable and important it is to talk and communicate with your bump and new born baby. Making informed choices about your labour and birth options, infant nutrition and supporting you to make the right choices for your baby and family.

“A child’s experiences and environment both in the womb and early life lay the foundations for life.”  ( Section 2 DH 2011)

The Great Expectations antenatal sessions are held within your local Children’s centres and delivered by parenting experts, Midwives and the Health Visiting service. It is an opportunity to ask those questions you have wanted to ask, meet and talk to other parents and meet the professionals.

Comments from previous participants;

“Really informative – thank you!”

“Very knowlegeable midwife, very useful session thanks!”

” Videos, practical element holding doll, variety makes it more memorable.”

” Games in sessions & post it’s & asking questions breaks ice & gets people talking which is good.”

” It’s nice to know as well from the professionals if you have any questions you can get them directly answered so that is good.”

” It’s a really good opportunity to actually meet other people and particularly if you don’t have a lot of close family… so you establish some of those close links with other expectant parents.

How to book:

To book onto a course, speak to your midwife,  your local Children’s centre or directly on Eventbrite here

Eventbrite Great Expectations

You can choose your centre and book yourself and a supporter on the course of your choice.


Great Expectations session
Great Expectations session
Session 2 Talk to your bump
Session 2 Talk to your bump